Benefits of Mental Health Therapy

At Mercy Behavioral center we offer Counseling and /or Psychotherapy. I think that understand the differences between the two concepts will assist the members of our community in Miami and Hialeah to make comprehensible decisions about getting those services. The term counseling on the context of mental health is generally used to denote a brief treatment that is focused most on growth, development, enhancement, prevention, self- awareness and releasing blocks to growth. It often targets a particular symptom or problematic situation and offers suggestions and advice for dealing with it.

“Psychotherapy” is generally a longer term treatment which focuses on remediation, treatment and personality reconstruction. Psychotherapy is a process of re-education that includes many strategies and techniques such as working with the conscious and unconscious, the present and the past, or just changing ways of thinking. This process is designed to correct emotional and behavioral disorders that impede one’s functioning or to remediate in depth psychological problems. Sometimes people are scare of receiving any of those professional services because our Society has stigmatize those kind of assistance with the distorted idea that people who received counseling of psychotherapy are crazy or ill.

I personally receive my own Psychotherapy as part of my professional training to become a better person and a skillfully Clinician.

Receiving Counseling or Psychotherapy will enhance your sense of wealth, because at times anyone can be stock, having a sense of unhappiness that block the ability that every person has regarding his/her capacity of full fill dreams and reach goals in life.

If you ever have wondered if you need some professional assistance, come to see us. Our center is located at a state of art building where you will find a safe environment to vent and become the person that you really want to be.

At Mercy Behavioral Center you will be our priority and you Privacy and Confidentiality will be protected. Sincerely
Flora Pazos LMHC

We welcome you to learn more about Mercy Behavioral Center, a for profit mental health care provider. Providing mental health services, drug addiction treatment, therapy, psychology, medication management, family therapy, individual therapy, and more mental health related care to the cities of Miami and Hialeah. Our address is 705 east 8th avenue, Hialeah, Florida 33010.

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