Is your child being bullied? Is he one of the abusers?

When we say bullying we are referring to any form of physical, verbal or psychological abuse that can be suffered by a child or teenager, repeatedly and for a long time.

In the past bullying was ignored, and sometimes parents and educators assumed it as a way for kids to “harden and learn to defend themselves.” Today we know that this form of abuse can not only cause physical injuries, but also generates serious emotional and social problems, which have sometimes led to the death of the victim or those who attack him.

Children and adolescents who are victims of bullying often have conflicts to adjust to school; their self-esteem is damaged, and they are at risk of mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and suicidal behavior.

However, the boys and girls who have been abused aren´t the only ones affected by the practice of bullying. Children and adolescents who harass others are also exposed to depression, and are more likely to confront academic problems, or to develop substance abuse and violent behavior towards others in the future.

If your child is being bullied, don´t sit idly by. Contact your school immediately, talk to the Principal, teachers, and counselors, explain what is happening, and ask them to act accordingly.

As for your son, the contact with a therapist will help him or her not only to deal with what has been happening, but will also learn resources to be able to face in the future in similar situations, as well as healing his self-esteem.

Also, if you find that your child has been involved in a bullying case as a harasser, get professional help because he or she is also going to be affected.

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