Differences between medical & recreational marijuana

Many people are unaware that there are differences between cannabis or recreational marijuana and that used for medicinal purposes.

Differences between medical & recreational marijuana

Lets begin by explaining that what makes the marijuana or indigo hemp plant a drug is a chemical that alters the mind of the consumer, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as other compounds that are related to it, all known also under the name of cannabinoids.

Some of these cannabinoid substances can have extremely harmful effects on health if they are used improperly. Recreational marijuana uses a mixture of flowers, leaves, stems and seeds, and once has been ingested or inhaled, the individual experiences an increase in the heart rate, the airways dilate and the blood vessels in the eyes expand.

Prolonged use of recreational marijuana carries the risk of suffering from an increase in blood pressure, cardiovascular problems and lung damage among other
effects, as well as becoming addicted.

The so-called medicinal marijuana differs from recreational in that it uses purified chemicals derived from the plant, rather than the entire plant, and is managed by using
doses that minimize any harmful effects on the patient.

Another pair of data to keep in mind is that in the United States there are still states where consuming recreational marijuana is illegal, as is the case with Florida, and as for medicinal marijuana, its use is only permitted once it has been prescribed by a physician who has received the relevant training.

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