Frustrations, anger and aggressiveness

We live in a time of great changes in which the rules of the game of everyday life often vary, and for this reason it is not uncommon for moments of frustration to abound in situations that seem unfair or absurd, or that ruin our plans.

Frustrations, anger, aggressiveness

All human beings have been frustrated at one time or another, and understand by frustration that series of emotions that are experienced when situations arise in which we feel threatened, blocked or deprived of something we need without we can do much to remedy it.

Aggression is the most common response to frustrations. There are occasions in which aggressiveness is resolved in violence against the one that provoked the frustration, or moves towards third individuals, or even ends up towards the self.

The anger and violence that this triggers often have dire consequences, whether they are exercised against those around us in privacy or, more generally, against strangers, although there are many people who use it regularly to treat to compensate for the small or big day-to-day frustrations, without realizing how harmful it´s for both themselves and others, since anger not only doesn´t solve problems, but rather aggravates them, deteriorating human relationships and attacking the health of the one who experiences it.

On the other hand, it´s not advised to suppress anger, since this would not be healthy either, but to learn how to handle it, and this is where play a fundamental role the help that can be given by a psychologist, with whose recommendations we can be able to delve into the causes of frustration, eliminate the harmful effects of anger and find effective solutions to achieve our goals.

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