Healthy Emotions and You

The Power of Emotions

Take Control over your Emotional State.

Emotions are reproductions of each individual needs, but emotions not always give us a sense of comfort or happiness, they could be painful and nasty, however people can change the way that they feel doing some job or sometimes with the assistance of a Mental Health Counselor who will help  in the process of changing your emotions when they are damaging and interfering in different areas of your life such as family, relationships, job, education or others.

Mental Health Professionals will teach  you how to modify those negative emotions that could create devastating physiological effects in your body by using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Events that happen in your life do not create emotions instead your thoughts and attitudes about those events are responsible for the way that you feel. In other words thoughts are in charge of creating  feelings and sometimes they are inaccurate because people use a series of faulty mechanisms that are responsible for distorted thinking  such as magnifying ,selecting just negative aspects of a situation, generalizing and others that contribute to deteriorate your  sense of happiness or furthermore your  mental health condition. Per example after failing a math test the  student stated: “I’m not good in math, something is wrong with me, I’m so stupid that I will never pass a math test.” This kind of distorted thinking will create an inadequate feeling of  hopelessness and sadness in the student.
Identify that you as a human being has the right to live a healthy life and your responsibility to choice and practice thoughts that will assist and enhance your life as well as the life of those who live with you, learn to re-think and change your approaches toward life circumstances will meaningfully support the process of modification of negative emotions that completely will impact and increase your daily life and function.

Mental Health Counselors using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will Increase your consciousness of the way that you think about your life events and will assist you to discard any irrational thought or attitude about a situation, when you are able to identify and recognize this negative thinking causing your negative emotion, you will handle and control them by using different tools taught by your Mental Health professional .Increasing your judgment will enhance you the way behave and feel. In the example if the student analyze the causes of failing she probably will find  other reasons such as lack of preparation for the test and will have a healthy thinking and feeling : ” I know that I did not review all the material to the test , next time I  will study more time and per sure I will pass it.” the subsequence feeling will be hope with an increase sense of responsabuility and confident .

Mental Health Counselors create a safe and positive environment where you will express your emotion with the possibility of questioning and validating them. You will be teaching to monitor   your emotions. This process does not   imply to repress or ignoring them, it will be just  a matter of recognize, identify and act on emotion when you believe that will be  appropriate, instead of  not letting your emotions to control you so with Mental Health Professional  assistance you will gain the benefit of  you controlling your emotions.

Mental Health Tips

Learn to recognize and anticipate “triggers” that set you off on an irrational thought path. Often simple awareness of these triggers gives us enough time to avoid or handle them.
Watch for “all or nothing” thinking. Most of life is a gradient or gray scale, rather than a set of absolutes or extremes. Many situations and events may seem as if they are black/white, good/bad, yes/no; but reacting as if they are can easily lead to irrational and unhelpful attitudes, emotions, and behaviors.

Sometimes it’s hard to “do it by yourself.” If all fails, seek guidance from a supportive psychologist or therapist.

Some experiences like watching a film, hearing a sound or tasting a food can trigger or bring about good emotions. The more good ones you can recognize, pay attention to and be aware of, the easier it is to put yourself in that kind of a recognizable mood. It’s far easier to get out of an angry or sad state of mind when you can know what happy or joyful state of mind is like.

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