Help Children Mental Health and School Success

Mental health issues can arise early in life, and Mercy Behavioral Center wants help parents of kids who struggle with these disorders. The agency offers training and therapy sessions for parents and other caregivers of kids who suffer from mental illness.

Mercy Behavioral Center Director Flora Pazos says the start of a new school year can often bring mental health issues to the surface for children.

She says there are some general warning signs to watch out for.”Extreme anxiety, hesitance to want to go to school, a lot of trouble paying attention in school, inability to get along with peers and mainly, any significant change in behavior,” says Flora.

If your child suffers from any form of mild to even severe mental health illness contact us today at 305-883-5188 to schedule a free consultation. Mercy Behavioral Center is dedicated to ensuring your child’s success in this academic year and for years to come.

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