Hiding Depression & How it Affects You.

Pessimists who hide in what they call “the sad reality of life”, people who try to smile so that others don´t realize how bad they feel, who seek pretexts to justify sadness and bad humor, times try to drown the sadness by consuming alcohol or some other drug: this is how people who hide depression usually are.

They may be individuals who were educated in the conviction that they don´t have to show their pains in front of others, or that fear being despised or become the object of another’s mockery if they confess that are depressed…

The truth is that the depressives who try to hide it usually believe that at some point they will be free of this emotional disorder without doing anything to get it, and as the days go by, instead of feeling better their condition gets worse: Symptoms such as involuntary emotional explosions, sleep problems, more or less drastic changes in eating habits and tendency to seek relief in the consumption of substances, as well as the gradual loss of interest in the affairs of existence, begin to unbalance their daily lives without that decide to seek help, and if they do repent immediately afterwards, as if it were something shameful.

Depression is a disorder that undermines physical health, eliminates the pleasure of living, undermines the harmonious development of relationships and negatively influences the work or student performance of the person who suffers, in addition to encouraging thoughts of self-destruction, even leading to suicidal behavior, and can be treated successfully by psychotherapy and / or medication, so it´s essential to seek professional help in this regard.

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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