How to know if your child is suffering bullying

One of the issues that have taken more relevance in recent times is bullying, situation in which a child suffers abuse from one or more of his / her classmates. Far from being something transient and unimportant, bullying not only seriously harms the emotional health of the harassed, but also reveals behavior disorders in their stalkers, so it´s vital to take action in this regard.

Bullying can trigger severe symptoms of anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress in the sufferer, and in some cases it has even led to suicides. However, it´s quite common for the child who´s abused to not talk about what happens to him / her, out of fear or embarrassment, and that is why parents should be alert to any signs that their child is being bullied by other children.

These are some signs that a child may be suffering from bullying:
– When the child appears with wounds or blows that justifies saying he has tripped or fell.
– When the child’s belongings have been damaged or repeatedly lost.
– When the child is sad, nervous or irritable, shows sudden mood swings or begins to have nightmares.
– When psychosomatic symptoms begin to appear in the form of headaches or gastrointestinal discomforts.
– When refuses to go to school and avoids having contact with his friends and schoolmates.
– When the child’s school performance drops for no apparent reason.

In cases of bullying it can be beneficial to have the help of a psychotherapist, to help the child to express himself, learn to cope with negative feelings and restore his emotional health.


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