Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Flora Pazos LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) for Miami and Hialeah.

If you are feeling one or more of the following: sadness, anxious, hopeless, feeling that you do not have any value, angry or out of control, using too much alcohol or any substance  to feel better ,re-experiencing a traumatic event that happened in your past, lack of energy, difficulties concentrating , not having pleasure or satisfaction in your life .

I am here to help you.

You may be hesitant in communicating your troubles or suffering. However, understand that this is the First step in resolving your problems.  Once you take the first brave step of contacting my office, we will identify the issues and or problems that are affecting your life. This will be critical in creating a rock solid foundation for your treatment and recovery.

I will teach you strategies and techniques to reinforce your inner strengths and to better cope with your present situation. You will feel better and develop self-confidence that allows you to take control of your emotions and thoughts.

I’m very confident and proud of my successes treating depression, anxiety, anger, conduct disorders, substance abuse, and other disorders. You will benefit from a treatment that will meet your specific needs.

My treatment is a goal-oriented and short term. You can recuperate from your symptoms and solve your obstacles by learning techniques and new ways of coping with your emotional issues.

My Office is located at:
705 East Le Jeune Road Suite 102
phone: 305-883-5188


Graduated with a Master degree in Mental Health Counseling at Carlos Albizu University. Miami Florida April 2008.

Graduated in Psychology by the Faculty of science at the Havana University 1976, Licensed in Psychology, Clinical, and Social Specialty. Havana Cuba.

Graduated in School of Language Julio Antonio Mella, French, Havana, Cuba 1976

Graduated in School of Language Julio Antonio Mella, Russian, Havana, Cuba 1973

Professor instructor of individual Therapy at Larkin Community Hospital for the Resident Program in psychiatry.
Qualified Clinical Supervisor by the State of Florida

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, State of Florida 2011.

Case Manger Certification, State of Florida 1992.

Children Social Worker Certification, State of California .graduated from UCLA, University of California, University of Southern California 1996.

LECTURING: Presented “Sights and Sounds” Program at the first Media Worldwide Education Congress in Toulouse, France in 1988.


Mrs. Pazos have a wide work experience in different settings, she graduated in her original country Cuba in Psychology by the Faculty of science at the Havana University 1976 as Licensed in Psychology, Clinical, and Social Specialties. Her first work experienced was in the field of Arts and Psychology at the National School of Arts working as a Consultant and researcher, she developed different psycho-educational studies regarding basis aptitudes and skills for acting, painting and music, and also she provided individual therapy to art students. Her following job experiences were developing a theater department for children  and adolescents Nationwide , conducted social researches within the theater environment as well as taught child development psychology to actors, writers and directors of Theater during few years . In 1980 Mrs. Pazos was promoted as a Consultant to work in Cuban Television where she conducted a variety of researches about the impact of television on population, taught Media Education and wrote scripts for children TV until 1990.

Upon Flora Pazos immigrated to the United States she worked as a case manager in Community Mental Health Centers such as Miami Behavior, New Horizons and North West Dade Center where she conducted Psychosocial Intake. Conducted Psychosocial Intakes, linked clients to outside resources, prepared and presented cases to Family Services Planning Team Committee and to the Case Review Committee, advocated and coordinated services on behalf of mentally ill patients. In 1995 Mrs. Pazos obtained the California State Certification as a Children Social Worker where she performed a diversity of responsibilities like Investigated allegations of Child Abuse, neglect, and exploitation, evaluated Social, Psychological and Cultural dynamics of the family, referred all family members to appropriated agencies, developed Case Plan, and others duties.

On 2006 she joined Reflection Wellness Center Partial Hospitalization Program during three years where she provided Individual and Group Therapy on a daily basis.

After obtaining her License as a Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida in March 2011, Flora Pazos started Mercy Behavioral Center located in the city of Hialeah Florida, the main priority of this organization is to deliver a high quality of treatment in a multicultural sensitive approach to enhance and empower individuals to archive personal goals and pursuit of happiness

Mrs. Pazos is a Therapist that will never give up in a patient; she always will go extra miles in the process of treatment of her clients. She has worked with children, adolescent and elderly population and treating a wide range of emotional difficulties such as anxiety, mood disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ,behavioral problems, and others. Her theoretical orientation mainly follows Cognitive Behavioral Approach however she applies a theoretical frame work that will fit the needs of a specific individual such as Solution Focus, Interpersonal Therapy, and others.

Mrs. Pazos has a charming and peaceful personality, she enjoys all kind of arts, she loves going to the beach, dancing, playing the piano and the guitar also spending time with family, friends, and her two loving dogs.

Comments & Responses

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  1. jazmyn fulton says:

    I am reaching out to you to find my fiancee some help every time we get in a argument he always saying he is gone kill him self in I’m just scared that one day he will do it..This situation is really stressful cause it’s to the point that I don’t want to be with him no more

  2. LISA DUBOIS says:

    I received counseling from Flora Pazos. I have never met such a caring and intelligent professional. I have been happier and my life has completely changed b/c of her counseling. If there were more people like her the world would be a better place. If your embarrassed, scared, or think you can fix everything. The biggest mi
    stake is not accepting help nothing is too small when it effects your life in a negative way!