Has your loved one or yourself received a resent Mental Illness Diagnosis?

A diagnosis of mental illness isn´t easy to deal with, especially if the person who was diagnosed is you, a partner or a close relative, and the impact is usually more painful in cases where the patient is a child or a teenager.
Despite the abundance of information that exists today, many people still have prejudices about mental illness, and ideas that have been inherited from times when there was no treatment, so those diseases were taken as irremediable evils, and even considered as something embarrassing that had to be hidden.

Actually there is nothing embarrassing about suffering from some kind of mental illness, just as there is nothing embarrassing about suffering from, for example, astigmatism or asthma. Fortunately we live in a time when science has made significant progress in alleviating the consequences of mental illness, advances through which many patients can live a full existence, be individuals who are normally integrated into society and enjoy their daily lives.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a mental illness, it´s important to be informed about this, and to get this information to the family nucleus and the rest of the individuals that interact with the patient, and it´s right to get information on the Internet, as long as the data comes from a reliable source, making sure that it comes from specialized personnel.

However, there is no possibility of improving and alleviating the condition of a person suffering from some type of mental illness, if he or she is not receiving professional attention, so it´s essential to seek help in this regard.

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