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Our Mental Health Services at Mercy Behavioral Center

Our center will provide all of the following services with a  high ethical standards and principles of the profession in the mental health field. We deliver all our services in both English and Spanish.

We refer clients to other professional services or community resources.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is provided by a licensed clinician with extensive experience in dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, parenting, grieving, and much more.

Family and/or Couples Therapy

Family therapy is provided by a Licensed Family Therapist dedicated to facilitate conflict resolution and assist families and couples in need.  We provide a private and therapeutic atmosphere that creates an opportunity for growth.

Parenting and co-parenting classes

Using this program, we will provide parents with skills that will help them develop cooperation, responsibility and self-esteem in their children. They’ll also learn positive, non-violent discipline techniques so they can avoid power struggles or conflicts rise by a divorce. This service will be offer by professionals with a Master or Doctor degree.

Batterer’s Intervention Program

Batterer’s Intervention Program follows a Cognitive Behavior Approach Model of treatment.  Group Facilitators and Assessors will ensure provision of care under the State of Florida guidelines.

Anger Management Program

This program will emphasize and define anger in terms of intensity, duration, frequency and body changes and will teach clients with crisis prevention strategies and will assist them to identify active ingredients for successful anger management during the counseling process. Certifications of completion will be issue.

Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and Workshops will be conducted in a wide range of topics that will allow the participants to obtain information in education and prevention themes to increase their sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Group Counseling

Group Counseling allows practitioners in the mental health field to provide services to more clients at once, reducing cost and increasing benefits to the client who will be able to learn how to challenge others with care, honesty and concern, becoming more sensitive to feelings and needs of others, increasing self-directions and responsibility toward oneself and others.

Stress Management Training Program

This program aims to provide individuals with efficient tools to manage day to day the stress which cause a devastating effect in our total physical health, reducing the function of the Immune system, increasing blood pressure and putting people at risk of heart attacks. This program will include definitions and concepts about stress , strategies and techniques such as relaxation, meditation, deep breathing, guided imaginary and others.

Targeted Case Management Program

Targeted Case Management Program increases client’s accessibility to specialized services.  Our Case Managers will deliver an accomplish diversity of tasks including but not limited to  connect clients with community services, assessing individual needs, arranging support services, monitoring medication compliance, linking and advocating services on behalf of clients rights and entitlements.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program is  based on the principals of Psychiatric Rehabilitation as sponsor by The International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services.  It also includes concepts of the Mental Health Recovery and WRAP Program. Clients will be assisted in enhancing skills with the goal of re-establishing roles and reintegrating into community life.

Mental Health Services, located at 705 East Le Jeune Road, Hialeah, FL 33010. Phone: 305-883-5188 Fax: 305-883-5183.

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