Change Program

THE CHANGE PROGRAM: Helping Juveniles staying out of Prison.

Mission Statement
The Primary Mission of The Change Program at Mercy Behavioral Inc. is to provide services for those young population that are already involved with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice System helping them to make necessary psychological and behavioral changes ,empowering them to have a productive and healthy life style.

Program Description
The Change Program at Mercy Behavioral Center is an innovative and multi-approach dynamic system that will offer several services under the practice of licensed mental health counselors and case managers. The program is implemented with a group structure where adolescents between ages 11-18 who are court ordered with a probation status, will attend predetermined days of the week. Our facility will maintain an open and continuous communication with the probation officer by giving him feedback regarding the progress , attendance, behavior and any other matter of importance about the client with a probationary status.

The Change Program offers direct services to high-risk adolescents and their families. These services include: Behavior Management, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Coping Skills, Substance Abuse Prevention, Case Management, Individual and Group Therapy, and referrals to the appropriate community agencies that the client is in need of. The services will be individually tailored to address the factors causing the young to be at risk. Goals to be reached for each individual will be formulated and individualized in a comprehensive treatment and services plan.

The program will utilize different outcome measures to track the effectiveness of intervention and progress in each of the program recipients.s

The Change Program operates on a year-round basis. Students attend the program according to predetermined schedules that do not interfere with class and court days. Services are provided by a staff composed of professionals in the fields of mental health education.

The Change program is composed of three (3) licensed mental health counselors and (4) certified case managers. Additional clinical services include one (1) clinical coordinator counselor and one (1) bachelor level counselor specialist, and a Psychiatrist who will provide evaluations and medications management follow-up that the adolescent might need. A case manager provides linkage to other services available in the community, and follow-up of all participants. A case manger supervisor coordinator will be the link between our center and the court and probation officers.

The families of these adolescents will receive the following services: Seminars and Workshops, Parenting Skills and Family Therapy. As a result of these services the family system will benefit by improving their dynamic, strengths, structure, respect, style, that will positively impact the adolescent’s emotional well being increasing socially and academic functioning.

The families will also be linked to the community agencies and resources that they need.

Change Program, located at 705 East Le Jeune Road, Hialeah, FL 33010. Phone: 305-883-5188 Fax: 305-883-5183.

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