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Family therapy involves a whole family, or several family members, all meeting with a therapist.

When you enter to Mercy Behavioral Center, the Therapist can determine that the best option treatment that might apply to your case or your child’s difficulties might be Family Therapy.

Family Therapy follows a holistic approach towards looking at the manner that a whole family unit or a couple might function in the areas of dysfunction that will necessitate a therapeutic intervention.

After a detailed explanation about the foundation of this recommendation and your agreement to receive this type of services, you and your family therapist will discuss the best course of action regarding how often you will meet.  It is common to meet at least once a week, but this can be different according to the severity, specific problem or concerns that brought you to receive services.

Family Therapy in Miami.

Family Therapy will be provided by licensed therapists, contrasting with individual psychotherapy.  Family Therapy emphases on relationships in the interior of the family unit and takes place with other family members being present.  It might be the main focus of treatment, or it can be used as an enhancement to individual therapy.  During sessions members will learn different and important skills to increase family dynamics.
There are a lot of approaches that a Clinician can apply in family counseling.  If you enter in Family Therapy services, you could expect in receiving different theoretical methods.  For instance, Conjoint Therapy, Structural Therapy or Strategic Therapy.  Each one of these has a specific point of view.  Structural approaches mainly observes patterns of communication within the family.  This methodology possibly will explore how parents communicate and how relatives relate as well, in addition to the representation of the family as a whole.  On other hand, a Clinician who follows  Conjoint approaches will take into consideration of the different  “roles” that each member has in the family, as well as  the communication styles within it, looking very closely to how the family relates as a whole.

Family Therapy in Miami.

With Family Therapy,  instead of observing problems as possessed and being produced by a particular member of that family that frequently is called as “identified patient”,   it will aid to recognize that relationships, individual problems or conflicts are affected and preserved by the family dynamics. For example, if a child is having behavior problems at school, the focus of treatment will be on detecting the family patterns that have contributed to the child’s problem, instead on working with the child alone.

While you can find different types of approaches to this system of therapy, the main focus is to observe how people with family bonds interact with each other, the meaning of these interactions and the health of these relationships.  Focus of treatment may vary on teaching family members to understand behaviors that have a tendency to injured relationships.  Also, another focus of treatment is teaching skills that will enhance the interaction of members, such as active listening and assertive  communications between family members and others.

Depending on your therapist’s method to Family Therapy, you could meet as a whole family but also have some additional individual sessions to focus on matters and issues that relate to your family’s therapy work.  Also, your Clinician  might recommend individual Psychotherapy or other services. Your Clinician may also recommend referrals to members of the family if they appear to be suffering from mental health issues, alcoholism, drug abuse, untreated major depression or others problems that without proper treatment it may continue to negatively impact the family for good relationships.

A Family Therapist is not focused only on one member of the family.  Family Therapist’s commitment is not to give favor to one person over the rest of the family members.  Each person in the family will feel supported in the therapeutic setting.

At Mercy Behavioral Center, our goal is to strength family ties with healthy boundaries, setting positive goals and enhancing  the family dynamic and functioning.  We welcome you and your family to our services.  Thanks for giving us the opportunity to assist you with Family Therapy.

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