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When you contact our office to request Individual Therapy an appointment will be scheduled in a short period of time because at Mercy Behavioral Center we have the priority to assist our client with no delay.  On the day of your appointment a Therapist will meet with you in a private office, asking you simple questions regarding the reason or reasons that brought you to our center.  At this moment this professional clinician will analyze if our center can provide the services that will really assist your condition by following the code of ethics of the Mental Health professionals counselors.
If your needs, problems or any other situations that brought you to the center needs a treatment and is out from the scope of practice and experiences of our professionals and you are in necessity of other specialize care or expertise you will receive a precision explanation about this topic. You will be aid with a list of different referral sources where your problems can properly be  treated.  However, if that’s not the case and we can assist you, at this moment a consent of treatment will be discuss in detail.  During this conversation the therapist explains the office polices, rules of confidentiality, scope of practice, risks and benefits of Psychotherapy and other important aspects.

Discover Individual Therapy.

Any questions, doubts or worries that you might have, will be explain in a supportive and caring environment allowing you to clarify your concerns, making you feel relax and comfortable.  We will assure you that you are talking with the right professional who is willing to assist and attend you with a high quality of treatment.  If you agree to receive treatment you will sign a consent to the treatment and the process will begin.

Taking the decision to seek help might not be easy but it may be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  To seek help for oneself is an act of courage.  At Mercy Behavioral Center our professionals will assist you through the process.  However,  you cannot expect that the therapist will tell you how to make changes with an easy and magic recipe.  Starting Therapy demands a partnership with your Clinician.  In others words,  it is a close collaboration between the Therapist and the client where trust will be establish and your role must be active and honest.

Your therapist in conjunction with you will design a treatment plan with different goals and strategies that will better fit your needs.  Your therapist will select from different theory frames such as Behavior, Cognitive-Behavior, Reality Therapy and others.  Selecting one of these, according to psychological researches we will provide a cost effective treatment.

You must expect to do a lot of homework and assignments.  Being in the process might bring you a lot of benefits.  Although, it may also bring you pain because you might re-experience difficult past situations or traumatic events that may have caused you anxiety, depression or a lot of discomfort in the past.  Our Clinicians will review in a systematic manner your progress and the course of it, in order to provide you with a high quality of services according of the codes of ethics of our profession.

Mercy Behavioral Center welcomes you, encourages and supports your decision to receive treatment. Thank you for selecting us.

Individual Therapy,located at 705 East Le Jeune Road, Hialeah, FL 33010. Phone: 305-883-5188 Fax: 305-883-5183.

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