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Parenting Skills Classes at Mercy Behavioral Center.

The Importance of Increasing Parenting Skills

Manners that parents interrelate with their children have a straight consequence on their development, affecting several aspects in a positive or negative way.   For instance, level of confidence, self-esteem, sense of security, emotional well-being, the way that children relate to others, how they deal with authority and also their performance in school.

If you find yourself struggling to manage your child’s behavior, feeling depressed, frustrated or angry, having frequently arguments with your child or spouse regarding how to discipline your child, facing a divorce or a separation that might affect your children, your children are having difficulties at school, displaying signs of a defiant behavior, fighting, disrespecting teachers or authorities at school or having signs of low self-esteem and confident, this program will be right for you.

Mercy Behavioral Center has designed a program where you will learn in a systematic manner different topics related toParenting Styles.” This concept contains three important aspects, which are:

(1) Limit setting, that refers to the degree which parents assume advanced and accountable behavior from their children. (2) Love, which is the manner that parents nurture their child by displaying affection, appreciation and support for their growth. (3) Respect, that implies whether or not parents allow their children to express their own thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

You will learn that there are four basic Parenting Styles:

(1)  Positive parents are who nurture, discipline and respect their children in equal measure, setting high standards and expectations.  This manner of parenting is being opened and having spontaneous communication.  Not only that, but they have the ability to listen.  Also, positive parents are constantly enforcing rules and inspiring their child’s independence.

(2)  Demanding or Dominating Parents discipline their children but they don’t have a habit of encouraging or respecting them.   They value obedience but not independence.  They also have strict rules and impose them severely.

(3)  Permissive Parents have a habit of nurturing their children but don’t apply effective disciplines and rules.  Also, permissive parents neither model or expect a respectful behavior.  Even though, this parental style shows love and gives attention, the worst week point is their inability to make demands, set guidelines or structure for their children.

(4) UN-engaged Parents don’t discipline, foster or respect their children.   They are normally not involved and interested in their children.  Parents interact only minimally with them.   Sometimes their lack of interest may be explained by emotional problems or/and substance abuse.

According to Research, over the years it has been established that Parenting Style has a straight effect on how children grow.   Parents who use a healthy and proper Parenting Style have their children do better in life.  If they raise their children with a positive (authoritative) Parenting Style, their children will develop a good self-esteem and self-confidence.  Their children will also function better in different areas such as socially, academically and others.   Changing your Parenting Style is not an easy task but thinking about how this change might positive impact your children emotional well-being, will empower you to join this program at Mercy Behavioral Center.   With this program you will learn to apply a positive and an effective Parenting Style.

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  1. No.2 parent says:

    Love and communication play a very important role in parenting and with these comes respect as the child matures. All children are different in many ways and no two children are the same or think the same. I dont agree that parents should just demand kids and expect when expected, there not in boot camp!! I think reading the information on this site will give a concept to many parents for ‘change’, and help in ways to make family life a healthy one.