Workshops and Seminars

At Mercy Behavioral Center we provide a wide range of beneficial seminars and workshops to help the community and individuals.  Our seminars and workshops range from many topics.  They range from laugh therapy to self-esteem workshops that help any individual with or without a mental health disorder.

At Mercy Behavioral Center we believe that everyone should benefit from these workshops.  For example, one of the workshops we provide is how to determine if a family member is severely depressed and how to judge whether or not the individual may or may not be at risk for suicidal idealization or planning.  This can be extremely beneficial to any family member or individual, but the benefit of having taken any of our workshops can be apply to almost any aspect of life and will improve your sense of well being.  We will also provide a seminar on laugh therapy.  Laugh therapy, although it’s unconventional has been shown to improve mood and release the neurotransmitter serotonin that elevate mood.  Laugh therapy is for anyone who wants to get uplifted or motivated.  It does not require you to become a patient at Mercy Behavioral.

Most of our workshops and seminars are first come first serve, depending on the seminar.

At Mercy Behavioral Center we understand that information and education is a powerful tool.  We are ready to share it with our population.  We want our community to improve self-growth and well being.

Just come to our Center and you will be more than welcome to attend our workshops and seminars.

Workshops and Seminars, located at 705 East Le Jeune Road, Hialeah, FL 33010. Phone: 305-883-5188 Fax: 305-883-5183.

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