Parents influence on their Children

The influence of parents in the emotional health of children

It is not inaccurate to affirm that every child emotionally enters the world that surrounds him from the hand of his parents, and it´s from this relationship and the influence of the beliefs, habits and parental behavior that the son or daughter will build his or her personality and point of view about the people, circumstances and situations that will shape the own existence. It´s clear that the quality of emotional health of children will depend largely on their relationships with their parents.

Parents influence on their Children

Parents influence on their Children

The child who grows up in a medium in which he or she feels safe and loved has more possibilities to deal effectively with the problems that his environment presents. On the contrary, feeling abandoned or mistreated will not only weaken their psychological defenses, but will also cause psychic injuries that will affect his emotional growth.

Many times fathers and mothers who deeply love their children don´t know how to act in consequence, and they make mistakes that perhaps they themselves suffered from their parents, without realizing that they are unconsciously perpetuating a negative pattern in the parent-child relationship.

For example, critical and perfectionist parents who demand a lot and recognize little about children’s achievements are as nefarious as those who go to the other extreme and neglect the personal and student development of the child. Also, manipulative parents who don´t respect the emotional space of the child, who try to impose their own feelings by ignoring what the child is feeling, are just as harmful as those who simply ignore if the child is happy or depressed.

It´s not enough for a father or a mother to work hard to give the child everything he or she needs: nothing is more important than the time parents spend with their children, listening to them, helping them to solve a crisis, having fun together, carrying out together small tasks inside or outside the home. It´s from these experiences that children will learn lessons, patterns of behavior and encouragement in bad times, and all of this will benefit their mental health.


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