Psychological disorders in children

Childhood is the time of live in which the character and personality of the individual are formed, and not all parents are prepared to effectively assume the emotional education of their children. It´s even possible that they overlook signs of psychological disorders that may appear in childhood, without thinking that sometimes bad behavior may be nothing but the symptom of some kind of emotional imbalance in the child.

These are some examples:
– There´s no way that the child can stand still, doesn´t respond to what is said to him and is abnormally impulsive … (It can be attention deficit disorder).
– He´s a child with fears, doesn´t want to sleep alone, has a hard time separating from his parents, refuses to be accompanied by other children … (May be suffering from some variant of anxiety disorder).
– He has serious difficulties in some area of his studies although he gets good grades in other areas … (He could have a type of learning disability disorder).
– He´s the typical “problem child” that challenges adults, is aggressive, destructive, often shows anger, and never obeys … (We´re referring here to a conduct disorder).
– He behaves normally at home, but refuses to speak in front of strangers, withdraws and behaves with extreme shyness in an unfamiliar environment … (It may be a case of selective mutism).
– Cries often or is easily irritated, says he´s tired, has appetite or sleep problems, is discouraged, is obsessed with the subject of death … (May be suffering from depression disorder).

It´s important that parents remain attentive to the psychological development of their children, and that in case of detecting signs of some type of emotional imbalance, seek professional help: We must not forget that of the mental health of the child that is today, will depend on the mental health of the adult that will be tomorrow.

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