Smoking is an expensive pleasure

We all know dramatic cases of people who despite receiving their doctor’s notice that they should stop smoking, are unable to get it, so their health is irreparably aggravated and even cost them their lives.

It is clear that quitting smoking is not something that can be done happily overnight, despite this the phrase continues: “He-or-she needs willpower to quit smoking,” and nothing is further from reality, since addiction to substances isn´t a habit or a vice, but a chronic type disorder.

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known; it acts on the central nervous system of the smoker in the manner of sedative and stimulant at the same time, and causes strong withdrawal symptoms when the individual stops smoking, which explains that it´s not easy for the addicted person to quit smoking, even when he or she knows that it can cause several types of cancer and bronchial diseases, stomach ulcers, as well as heart and cerebrovascular diseases, which negatively impacts his sexual performance and causes bad breath, damages the skin and affects the immune system, without tell that it´s a drug that not only affects those who consume it, but also those around the smoker, especially children, who are especially vulnerable to the damage caused by tobacco smoke.

No matter how old you are or how long you have been smoking, don´t wait for the doctor to tell you that you need to stop smoking because your life is at risk: Seek professional help to get past this addiction.

The benefits of stopping smoking are almost immediate and have a positive impact on the whole organism, which, as it detoxifies, experiences an improvement in blood pressure and blood circulation, lowers carbon monoxide levels in the blood, increases the sense of taste and smell, the level of physical energy rises, among other effects, in addition to decreasing the risk of a series of serious diseases.

If you or a loved one is reflected in this article, call us without fail to make an appointment: Remember that at the Mercy Behavioral Center we are here to help you under the principle of privacy and confidentiality.
In the Mercy Behavioral Center we offer you services for your recovery, such as individual, family and group therapy, drug testing, psychiatric evaluation, referral to community support groups and much more.

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