Do you suffer from chronic insomnia?

We call insomnia to the difficulty that a person can have to fall asleep, or to stay asleep for the time that their body needs.
Recent scientific studies attest that about one-third of adult individuals have ever had episodes of insomnia, but that thirty million people around the world suffer from a more acute and dangerous condition: chronic insomnia.

Chronic insomnia has adverse effects on the individual’s long-term health, significantly reduces quality of life and is associated with depression, hypertension and work-related accidents, as well as with an intensification of any type of physical pain. Those who suffer from it often complain that they always feel tired, in a bad mood, and that their capacity for learning and understanding has been greatly reduced.
In the past there was a tendency to consider insomnia as a symptom of other ills, however, it has now been considered as a primary condition that triggers other factors of malfunction in the body.

While drugs for insomniacs have traditionally been prescribed, there is a new type of treatment that proves to be very effective for people suffering from chronic insomnia, called CBT-I or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and helps to overcome the root causes of insomnia, based on different techniques that help the patient to modify both the bad habits and eliminate the negative thoughts that prevent him to have access to a period of healthy and normal sleep.

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