Teenage Stress

Stress on American teens. Teenage stress is a real factor and Problem.


Teenage Stress

Teenagers are facing more and more stress right here in our city. There is mounting evidence from a new report that the stress our teenagers feel today may stay long into their adult lives. It is imperative for parents to keep honest open dialogue with their children about their lives, and emotional help.

Americans are not strangers to stress. The economy, the environment, the snow, the drought, the pace, the pinging of all those apps and phones. But the news this week was still arresting: the most stressed Americans now are American teenagers. We know they’ve got tests and college applications and all the rest but still, we hate to hear it. And what’s more, researchers warn, pinning the needle on stress in teenage years can have lifelong implications for health and happiness. So what’s going on? And what do we do about it? This hour On Point:Teenage stress, pinning the needle in America.

Below is the great show on NPR of OnPoint with Tom Ashbroook, talking about Teenage stress.

For more information on how to help your teens with Stress call Mercy Behavioral Center at 305-883-5188.


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