The Stress of Teaching & How To Prevent It.

Teachers face a lot of challenges and difficulties today. In and outside the work life, from the economy not improving to Miami-Dade county cutting wages and freezing new openings.  Teaching is a necessary job yet to often it is unrewarded and often attacked.

If you are a teacher in Miami-Dade County public schools and you are in need of assistance think of us Mercy Behavioral Center as the place to help you.  We specialize in giving individual mental health treatment for Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar disorder, and Addiction.

We also specialize in Family Counseling, Individual Therapy, Relationship counseling, and Children’s Therapy. If you or a family one is suffering from a Mental Health related illness we will provide you with all the necessary support to be able to overcome these difficult times.

We currently accept the following insurances Blue Cross Blue Shield (Out of Network), Medica Health Care Plan and MHnet Behavioral Health.

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