The truth about alcohol

Alcoholism, a trap that destroys the individual and his environment

The Truth About Alcoholism.

The Truth About Alcoholism.

What alcoholism can do to a person is terrible… The one who has had close an alcoholic knows how sad this addiction is, both for the sufferer and for their family and friends, because alcoholism brings with it a deterioration of the personality, which leads to emotional imbalance, anguish, feelings of guilt, and the gradual loss of vital interests.

The habit of drinking alcoholic beverages has been part of social life in almost all cultures since the earliest antiquity. In some countries it´s even common for young people to celebrate their coming to the age of majority by drinking until they become unconscious. Usually, adults drink to celebrate a happy event, to relax after a day of strenuous work, as consolation for a loss, to warm up in the cold, or to accompany a good meal.

It´s just the role of the alcoholic beverage within social relations, which can turn it into a trap that leads to addiction, destroying the individual’s personality and relationships with those around him…

Consuming alcohol in excessive amounts and in a prolonged way not only endangers physical health, but also affects the personal, family and work environment, distancing the alcoholic from those he loves, impeding good performance within his work, and reducing to the maximum the possibilities of a healthy and satisfying life.

Many people fall into the trap of alcohol when they try to escape from stress, sadness, or inability to cope with problems, but drinking tends to worsen their psychological condition, making family and couple relationships very conflicting, often leading to violence, which creates an environment that harms the psychological condition of children.

Excessive and prolonged consumption of alcohol causes severe damage to neurons, liver, stomach and pancreas, imbalances blood pressure, causes problems of impotence and frigidity, and puts the individual at risk of heart disease, as well as esophageal cancer, breasts and colon, among others.

On the other hand, the inability of the alcoholic to have control over his acts often exposes him to car accidents, sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancies, and may even lead to suicide.

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