Therapy support for single parents

Support for single mothers or fathers.

Therapy support for single parents

Therapy support for single parents

How can we increase self care and also be present for our child when we are going insane? Being a single mom is hard. Specially here in South Florida. Miami is one of the cities were finding and maintaining a stable relationship is the hardest. Having no support from anyone else and the children are driving you crazy, it’s extremely difficult. Many single moms are tormented by depression and stress.

Single Mom Therapy Support in Miami, Florida.

Single parents often don’t have anyone to fall back on. Acting as both mother and father causes undue stress. Single mothers are an ultra high risk group to suffer depression because of lack of social support, and an increase in life stresses. They often neglect their own needs as they work hard to provide for their children alone, and this can affect both physical and mental health. Sadly depression and low self-esteem, often means being unable to fully meet the needs of the children.

At Mercy Behavioral Center, we will help you with depression, anger, pain, sadness, low-self esteem or any other problem you may have.

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