Treatment of Mood Disorder

Things to Know about Mood Disorder Treatment.

If you ,one of your family member, a friend or someone that you might know have been diagnosis with a Mood Disorder this means that the person is experiencing troubles in attitude , emotions and point of view, as a result of those difficulties the individual is suffering consequences that negatively affect different areas of his /her life, such as family , work, education , relationships and others. The category of Mood Disorder includes: Mood Episodes( Depressive ,Manic, Mixed, Hypomanic ) , Major depressive disorder, Dysthymic disorder, Depressive disorder NOS, Bipolar I and II, Cyclothymic disorder, Mood Disorder as a psychological consequence of a medical condition, Substance –Induced Mood Disorder as a direct consequence of a drug of use/abuse, medication, toxin, or another somatic treatment. Objectives of treatment of those conditions vary but in general it is expected the following goals:

1-Stabilize Mood

2-Aliviate depression, mania and hypomania

3- Teach relapse prevention strategies.

4-Improve coping mechanisms, family and other relationship, career and overall adjustment.

5- Establish a healthy life style.

In the course of treatment the clinician will assess the progress of the person or lack of it, by applying different assessment tools such as observation during therapeutic sessions, meeting with family members to obtain detailed information, assessment of depression and suicidal ideation such as Beck Depression Inventory, Scheduled of Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia ,measures of Hypomania including the hypomania checklist -32,medical examination for physical symptoms, Inventory of mental disorders such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory or others. Persons with this type of disorder frequently respond well to the following treatment modality that a consist of a combination of Psychotropic medication prescribe by the Psychiatry and Cognitive /Behavioral Therapies, Interpersonal Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Education about the disorder and interventions that encourage physical activities and experiences that will offer pleasure and increase feelings of self-competence and wellbeing.

The Therapist and the client will discuss the termination of treatment at the time that goals and objectives are achieve , at this point the person might be referral to other adjunct services to ensure treatment success and address client’s needs, such as: Yoga Class, Career Counseling , Financial Counseling, Homogeneous support group, Couple’s therapy and others.

It is important to know that common issues with these disorders are Suicidal and Relapse and they MUST be addressed during treatment and openly discuss with your Clinician.

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