What are phobias

A phobia is an exaggerated and permanent fear of an object, a type of creature or a specific situation, that distorts the usefulness of fear in our daily life. Normal fear protects us from danger, a phobia turns that in a completely irrational emotion that the person cannot control, sometimes reaching an extremely negative effect on their relationships and their way of manifesting in the environment that surrounds them.

What are phobias

What are phobias

When someone who suffers a phobia is in front of what causes it, an immediate reaction of anxiety is triggered, which often manifests itself with physical symptoms such as dizziness, suffocation, sweating, shortness of breath, irritability, insomnia, etc., and if the situation continues it can generate a real emotional crisis, so the individual will do everything possible to avoid repeating the experience, regardless of whether this generates conflicts that threaten their routine and their family development and / or work.

Even in cases in which the phobic person understands that their fear is disproportionate and unjustified, it is not possible to stop overreacting, which ends up being often shameful and tends to undermine their self-esteem.

It’s not always easy to determine what causes a person to suffer from phobias. Some have their origin in traumatic situations that go back to childhood, others may be due to genetic factors, and there are also some that have been learned from the adults among whom he grew up. Many times it is not possible for the individual to determine when the phobia originated, or to give an explanation of why the phobia occurs…

There are several effective therapies to treat phobias, so in cases like these it´s recommended to seek psychotherapeutic help, which will help understand the cause of the condition and will make available strategies to reduce anxiety.

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