What we call psychological abuse

Although psychological abuse doesn´t leave visible traces on the body of the sufferer, it can cause terrible damage to the victim, regardless of their age, even though it is a type of violence that especially hurts the delicate psyche of children.

psychological abuse

We call psychological abuse to the act of attacking another person using attitudes and words that tend to disparage, ridicule, repress or manipulate openly.

Whether they use mockery, insult, or more subtle forms as weapons, those who exercise it are usually individuals who suffer from some kind of psychological imbalance that leads them to hurt others to achieve their goals.

There are cases in which the aggrieved person doesn´t find it easy to consciously realize the abusive attitude of the other, who can hide behind the excuse that “I do this for your own good”, using that old premise of “who loves you will make you cry “, which served as the basis in the past to exercise psychological violence on children and students, and which unfortunately we inherited as part of a cultural attitude of cruelty towards the most defenseless.

Psychological abuse can be found practically in all areas: in family relationships, between members of a couple, between friends, in school or in the working environment, and not only contributes to making sick links between people and destroying the basis of harmony within a group, but also harms the emotional health of the person who is exposed to it, especially when it comes to very close relationships.

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