What we call stress

We call stress a series of reactions of physiological type that appear in the presence of a focus of nervous tension.

Stress can be generated in any area of life, at any age and is perfectly normal, it´s really a natural mechanism that helps the person to stay alert in a situation of danger or insecurity, and is generated in circumstances in which we feel threatened, furious or frustrated.

The problem appears when the stress is intense and lasts over time, or if it becomes chronic, since it then attacks the psyche of the individual, becoming a source of anxiety and / or depression, and ends up deteriorating also the physical health.

Chronic stress can be the cause of conditions such as obesity, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, irregular menstruation, skin diseases, and even heart conditions. In cases where the person suffers from poor physical health or has an emotional disturbance, stress aggravates their condition.

The symptoms that someone is being affected by stress vary, but among them they find themselves feeling permanently tired, with pains in the shoulders and neck due to the stiffness of the muscles of that area, frequent headaches, inability to concentrate on something, sexual problems, insomnia or a constant desire to sleep, memory problems, bad digestion, diarrhea or constipation. Chronic stress can also lead a person to use drugs, and there are cases in which suicidal thoughts appear.
When stress becomes chronic, it´s best to seek therapeutic help.

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