When Love Ends

One of the first points in the lists of life situations of an adult that generate more stress is usually the breakup of a relationship, especially for those who don´t expect it to happen.

when love ends

Sometimes the one who just suffered the break feels that he´s unable to overcome the emptiness left by the relationship and stagnates in a period of negative thoughts, whether these are anger, depression or guilt. May also try to cheer herself by trying new relationships in a somewhat chaotic way, begin to consume large amounts of alcohol or other substances, or enter a period of apathy in which neglect him daily tasks.

In cases where there are children and the couple is forced to make agreements about it, or must decide about common properties, the situation can become extremely stressful, affecting all those involved psychologically, and generating an atmosphere of tension that will make even harder to leave behind this difficult stage.

When someone feels that the affliction that they experience from a breakup of love threatens their emotional health in such a way that they don´t feel able to move on, it´s advisable to seek the help of a psychotherapist, that will help to develop the grieving process, during which the person can gradually adapt to the loss, so that can rebuild the personal and family horizon in order to put an end to suffering and start a new way of life.

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